Defining Moment

In our lives, we all tend to have a turning point, major conflict, “time to shine”, or what I like to call a Defining Moment.

Whether these times are good or bad are entirely up to us. They are determined by the choices we make, our actions, our words, anything that we choose to do. So who are we then? What’s our purpose?

We all make mistakes, and some tend to be bigger than others at times. And I know that the whole purpose of making mistakes is to learn from them and to grow wiser. But this fact doesn’t make it any easier. It doesn’t make us any more sure that we shouldn’t doubt ourselves. And we all do, doubt ourselves, that is.

Sometimes, only sometimes, I feel that that one big mistake that we made in our life tends to be what people define us to be. Our appearance, no matter how awful it might sound, is the first thing people judge us by. I’m not saying that this is right, because its not. Its wrong to judge people that have tattoos and piercings and say that they are slackers because they aren’t. After people look a your appearance they then look at who you are. And in the back of my head when I meet people, for some reason, the first thing I think about is my Defining Moment.

Sure, it might sound silly to say that this thing called a Defining Moment is what makes me who I am today out loud, but on the inside I know that because of that one mistake that I made and because I’ve learned from it….. I’m a different person. A better person. Because I came to the conclusion first that what I did was wrong. I was able to admit that to myself. And once you can admit that to yourself you can feel that weight be lifted off of your shoulders and just be relieved.