Fatal Flaws

So, recently I have encountered the discussion of what a fatal flaw is. At first, I believed it was a characteristic that led to the character’s downfall. But, it’s not. A fatal flaw can be defined as something that the protagonist (good character) in a story has trouble with or causes because of this characteristic. For example, in the Percy Jackson Series, the main character Percy Jackson has a fatal flaw. His fatal flaw is that he fells obligated to save each and every person around him, and if he can’t do so, then he feels as if he failed. Every person has a fatal flaw. Every person has conflicts or problems that they have to push past. A fatal flaw can be both good and bad. They can either break or educate us. We only learn from mistakes anyways.
I believe that everyone has a choice in this world. The good and bad decisions are up to the individual, and they are what make people who they are today.


What is Ethics?

Hey There!

So someone I know recently brought up the topic of ethics and what they are. Ethics are an individuals moral principles that they choose to live by. Ethics is what allows people to differentiate from right and wrong. For example, at a young age we learn from our mothers or fathers that the stove gets hot when you turn it on. Because the stove gets hot we know that you don’t put your body parts too close to the heat in fear of getting burned. Ethics are our own moral conducts that we choose to follow.  As said before ethics allow us to differentiate from right or wrong even if we want to do one thing we know that we have to do the right thing. This right thing can only be determined by ourselves or the influences we choose to follow around us. We NEED ethics because without them we would not have any standards, and without standards we wouldn’t have goals, and without goals we wouldn’t get anywhere right? Would we not just be going through life in a foggy haze wondering where it was where were? Would anyone be more advanced than the person next to them? Ethics are important because as we go through life we continuously add and edit our Ethics because we become more knowledgeable about our surroundings. We become wiser throughout the years, and then soon pass our Ethics down to the next generation.

Dry trails of previous wet tears on his pale white face.

Green eyes that used to be bright are now tired and worrisome.

Stubble on his face that ages him years from how old he really is.

Dark hair that is a tad to long begs to be cut.

His lean muscular figure looks as If its begging to be fed.

But he doesn’t move.

He stays sitting on the sand of the beach with his hands clutched together on his bent knees.

His sits quietly listening the soft “swoosh” of the waves as they come in and out.

He feels the light breeze as it chills his skin.

He smells the salty ocean air.

And yet none of this heals him.

What use to be relaxing is now something as painful as having a root canal.

Thoughts swirl round and round in his head begging to be vocalized.

But he just continues to sit.

Unmoved, silent, and lonely without a clue of where to go and what to do next.

Has anybody else?

Has anybody else just gotten lost in their own world of thoughts?

Has anybody else ever thought of the worst things that could possibly happen in life?

Has anybody else thought of change?

Has anybody else feared the future?

Has anybody else ever feared the fact that you don’t know what could happen?

Has anybody else ever started crying for no reason?

Has anybody else felt that empty hole in your chest as if something’s missing?

Has anybody else wanted to scream from frustration until their voice was scratchy and had the inability to talk?

Has anybody else ever fallen in to the best sleep that you don’t want to wake up from?

Has anybody else been so crowded with work and activities that you become so stressed you want to quit?

Has anybody else needed something they couldn’t get?

Has anybody else wanted to be loved?


Has anybody else pondered these thoughts?

Your Days are Numbered…

Today is January 26.

What does the number 26 mean? What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you see that number? Your cousins birthday? Number of hats you have? Name of a song?

For me, I thought of the alphabet. I thought about how there are twenty-six letters in the alphabet. I started to really think about the fact that twenty six really doesn’t seem like a big number and yet there are twenty six letters that create more words than I probably will ever know or be able to define myself.

Those twenty-six letters create the most beautiful and the most horrid words that can be put together to make a poem, song, short story, and so many other things. Each and every single one of those twenty-six letters-no matter how often they are used- are important. The alphabet is much more than just a song we all learn when we are in kindergarten. It’s the beginning of life in a way. It’s what we use to communicate with each other. The words that are created all have a meaning. The way the letters are put together are much like solving a puzzle because the pieces can only fit one way so that the picture will come out clear.


Those twenty-six letters mean so much more to me no matter how silly it might sound. They are a freedom of expression.  They are the emotions that pour out of us. They are twenty-six.